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Home Cooking
Made Simple

Home Chef delivers everything you need to bring more delicious meals and moments to the table. Meals starting at $6.99 per serving.

Pick Your Meals How It Works


Fresh weekly meal kits customized to your liking and starting at $6.99 per serving.



Carb conscious, calorie conscious, vegetarian – we’ve got lots of options to fit your schedule and diet.

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Customize It

Use our Customize It feature to upgrade, swap, or double up proteins on select meals.



Effortlessly create and plate your meals in no time. Dinner is solved!

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More Than a Meal Kit

Weekly recipe rotations for all skill levels and dietary preferences means there's always something new and exciting to cook.

Make It Yours

Make meals uniquely yours. Upgrade, double-up, add or swap protein on select meals. You’re in control of your dinstiny.*

*dinstiny (n): a combination of dinner and destiny

Build Your Box

Change It Up

Add meals. Edit servings. Or take a week off and fly to Tahiti. Plans and preferences change — we keep up.

Plan Your First Week

Get Dinner Done

If your routine isn’t quite “routine,” worry not. From 5-minute meals to 30+ minute masterpieces with options for veggie, low-carb or cal-conscious – you’ll find tons of meals that fit your changing schedule and tastes.

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What’s On Your Menu

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What Our Customers Have to Say

All the food has been amazing and easy to follow. Not only is the food delish, but it helps take the stress out of my family’s hectic schedule and broadens our palate to not eat the same meals over and over. Two thumbs up

Brooklyn L.

Been a loyal customer for almost two years and love the customer service and quality of the products! It has been a life saver for a busy working mom. So happy when I get home on Friday night and don't have to hit the traffic and stores to get dinner for the family. Thanks HC!

Audrey E.

The meals have all been fantastic. I compared menus with all the other main dinner delivery companies and Home Chef has the best and largest menus by far. Going on two months now and my kids have loved every meal.

Tricia D.

My husband and I love the meals, now that we are empty nesters we save a ton on grocery bills because we have Home Chef. It's like we are on an expensive date every night! We absolutely love it.

Stevie S.

I love how all the meals are separated in their own bag (this is a huge reason why I like Home Chef over Blue Apron). The meals are fun, easy to make, and delicious. My wife and I rant and rave how every night we eat a 5-Star meal for $10/plate!

Alex S.

My husband and I wanted to start cooking healthier, but didn't really know where to start. We thought we'd use it for a few months and then just cancel, but it's been so convenient that we're still on it several years later!

Sarah G.

I am single and l get the meal plan for 6 meals with 2 servings and it’s amazing! I save the second serving for my lunch the next day and I am actually saving money! The quality is great and there are tons of options every week to choose from!

Christen R.

My experience has been excellent! The food is fresh, the portions (for 2) are perfect. I enjoy coming home and preparing a meal I would typically have never even thought of making. This has made me feel like I can actually cook! Price is comparable, delivery has been flawless, I have delaying shipping when I am away from home and never had an issue.

Darren T.

I love Home Chef. It is great for my life as an empty nester in a townhouse. The ingredients are well portioned and I don't have to spend time at the Grocery store looking for oils and condiments. This makes cooking much more convenient.

John R.

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